2013 Australian PGA Championship presented by Coca-Cola

Live updates of all four rounds from the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast for the 2013 Australian PGA Championship presented by Coca-Cola.

  • 11/7/2013 2:57:27 AM | PGA Media
    With the lead sitting at -8 (Rickie Fowler), here are some other notable players who have completed their rounds already.
    Peter Senior: 71 (Even)
    Peter Lonard: 73 (+2)
    Marc Leishman: 69 (-2)
    Gareth Paddison: 68 (-3)
    Michael Hendry: 69 (-2)

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  • 11/7/2013 3:08:43 AM | PGA Media
    Bradley Lamb has just recorded an eagle on the 12th hole, amazingly it is only the second eagle of the day despite some of the low scores.
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  • 11/7/2013 3:29:07 AM | PGA Media
    Matthew Griffin gets it close on the par 3 5th and will be looking to sink his first birdie of the day after four straight pars. He finished tied 8th in last years Australian PGA Championship and has been a solid performer on the OneAsia tour this year recording his second victory in Korea. Lets hope he gets it going this afternoon.
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  • 11/7/2013 3:41:01 AM | Wayne Heming
    Ricky Fowler has brought his own personal cheer squad to Royal Pines with his mum Lynn, dad Rod, sister Taylor and her boyfriend, Dave cheering him to his eight under 63. "My mum and sister work for me, they keep me in line" said Fowler.
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  • 11/7/2013 3:42:04 AM | PGA Media
    Adam Scott rips his driver on the par 4 6th to set up a great chance for birdie (no birdies so far today). Nearly could have ended in disaster for a spectator as he tried to sneak across the fairway after Adam had hit his shot. Luckily for him the ball missed him and is in the fairway just short of the green.
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  • 11/7/2013 3:48:59 AM | Wayne Heming
    Fowler: "I'll take eight (under) every day and I might have the trophy at the end of the tournament" after his eight-under 63 first round of the PGA Championship at RACV Royal Pines.
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  • 11/7/2013 4:13:34 AM | PGA Media
    Scott is absolutely smoking his driver over the past three holes. He is stretching it out to 300mtrs and over and is going for his third birdie in row. He must have been just getting warmed up over the first five holes and is now going to start chasing down Fowlers -8 from this morning.
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  • 11/8/2013 2:24:39 AM | PGA Media
    Nick Gillespie having a great day eagled the 15th and at -4 today to be at -3 overall and in T14. Hopefully we can see some more low scores posted this afternoon.
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  • 11/8/2013 2:28:25 AM | PGA Media
    Rickie Fowler with the perfect start. Sinks his approach shot from the fairway for eagle to move to -10 and tie it at the top with Adam Scott.
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  • 11/8/2013 2:28:49 AM | Wayne Heming
    Wow, Rickie Folwer has joined Adam Scott in the lead at -10 after holing his second shot for eagle two on his first hole. Hang onto your hats folks!!
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  • 11/8/2013 2:32:29 AM | PGA Media

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  • 11/8/2013 2:41:45 AM | PGA Media
    Rhein Gibson having an unbelievable start with three birdies in a row. Has moved inside the cut line and is at +1. If he keeps this up he may be looking to set a course record. Don't forget he shot a 16-under-par 55 at River Oaks Golf Club in Oklahoma, USA last year so he can go low.
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  • 11/8/2013 3:54:01 AM | Wayne Heming
    Richard Green has just tweeted he wore "green jocks" to support "Green for Adam Scott" Day on Friday in the second round of the Australian PGA Championship at Royal Pines. I would have thought just playing in Scott's group with the name Green was good enough. Good sport Greenie!!
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  • 11/8/2013 3:55:07 AM | Wayne Heming
    Adam Scott says around -20 could be the PGA winning score. That would be a PGA Champion record 4 round total...
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  • 11/8/2013 4:12:42 AM | PGA Media
    Check out this interview with Rickie Fowler prior to today's round. For more great videos check out our videos page here

    Pre round 2 interview with Rickie Fowler - Aust. PGA Championship 2013
    by PGA of Australia via YouTube on 1:57 PM

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  • 11/8/2013 4:18:32 AM | PGA Media
    Rickie Fowler stalled on -9. After the eagle on the first he has five pars and a bogey.
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  • 11/9/2013 12:17:35 AM | PGA Media
    45 minutes until blogging starts for round 3. Can anyone make up ground on Adam Scott or will he continue to control the championship. It is sure to be a great afternoon of golf at Royal Pines.
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  • 11/9/2013 12:58:27 AM | PGA Media

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  • 11/9/2013 1:00:10 AM | PGA Media
    Cameron Percy making a nice move early today with six birdies in his first 10 holes. Just a single bogey on the 9th and he is now sitting at -5, he may have the low round of the day if he keeps this up.
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  • 11/9/2013 1:02:48 AM | PGA Media

    Could be a packed leaderboard at the top if this wind gets up. Lets hope for a full shootout on Sunday with plenty of players in contention.

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  • 11/9/2013 1:11:53 AM | PGA Media

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  • 11/9/2013 1:16:42 AM | PGA Media
    Bradley Lamb gets off to a good start with birdies on holes 3 & 4. Moves to -4 overall and is currently T11 with Matthew Guyatt & Matthew Griffin who are just playing the first now.
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  • 11/9/2013 1:40:41 AM | PGA Media
    Enjoy your lunch Wayne but back to the golf its good to see Stephen Leaney playing well today. Three birdies through 10 holes and is now sitting at -4 overall and in T11. Meanwhile Cameron Percy has slowed up with no more birdies since hole 10. He is currently playing the 14th which is currently the hardest hole on the course with the 18th playing second hardest.
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  • 11/9/2013 1:51:58 AM | PGA Media
    Nick Flanagan with a bogey free day so far. Through 15 holes and currently -4 for the round and -3 overall in T15. Couple more birdies coming in and he may sneak into the top 10.

    Other players with under par completed rounds include Nick Cullen (68), Peter Senior (69), Brody Ninyette (69) and Aron Price (69).
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  • 11/9/2013 1:57:02 AM | PGA Media
    Yes if you didn't already know, Gareth does love a cup of tea. He brings his own tea cup and tea pot to every tournament and has tea bags in his golf bag. Lets hope it helps him shoot a good score today.

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  • 11/9/2013 2:03:06 AM | PGA Media
    Adam Scott catches the edge of the cup but it doesn't fall on the 1st, will be par for him. Meanwhile Rickie Fowler has made no mistake with his birdie putt on the 2nd to move to -8 and now only two shots back.
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  • 11/9/2013 2:12:47 AM | PGA Media
    David McKenzie drops a shot on the 1st but gets it straight back on the 2nd with a nice putt for birdie. Nathan Green has dropped a shot on the 2nd and is now at -6 and Josh Geary made bogey on the 3rd to be at -5, five shots behind Scott.
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  • 11/9/2013 3:26:45 AM | PGA Media
    Adam Scott pushes his birdie attempt on the 8th well past the cup and misses his par putt to make his second straight bogey. He is looking a bit frustrated at the moment and will need to regroup withe the 9th playing the hardest on the course with a 4.339 scoring avg. Meanwhile David McKenzie is travelling slightly better sinking his birdie attempt and moving to equal leader with Rickie Fowler at -9.
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  • 11/9/2013 3:30:44 AM | PGA Media
    Scott & McKenzie both miss the fairway right on the 9th. Will need a great approach to save par there. Rickie Fowler looking the goods at the moment with a bogey free day to date and birdies on the 2nd and 7th to be equal leader. Will he be leading the #AusPGA going into the final round?
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  • 11/9/2013 3:34:54 AM | PGA Media
    Just my luck, Rickie Fowler bogeys the 9th just after I gave him a good plug. He is now back to -8 and D.McKenzie is outright leader but has a difficult shot from off the fairway on the 9th.
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  • 11/9/2013 3:38:32 AM | PGA Media
    Marc Leishman having a good back nine. Has birdies on the 12th, 15th & 17th to move to -4 and in T6.
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  • 11/9/2013 3:44:49 AM | PGA Media
    Lead change again with McKenzie dropping a shot on the 9th whilst Scott saves par. Leaderboard now looks like this: 
    • T1.    D.McKenzie -8
    • T1.    R.Fowler -8
    • T1.    A.Scott -8
    • 4.    S.Jeffress -7
    • 5.    A.Hall -5
    • T6.    C.Percy -4
    • T6.    M.Leishman -4
    • T6.    R.Green -4
    • T6.    J.Wilson -4
    • T6.    J.Scrivener -4
    • T6.    N.Green -4
    • T6.    G.Paddison -4
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  • 11/9/2013 3:50:47 AM | PGA Media
    The leaders are on the 10th now. See what they are facing over the next few holes. More videos, click here.

    Wayne 'Radar' Riley looks at hazards on holes 10, 11 and 12 - Aust. PGA Championship 2013
    by PGA of Australia via YouTube on November 7 at 2:21 PM

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  • 11/9/2013 3:51:52 AM | PGA Media
    Leishman is the clubhouse leader after making birdie on the 18th he finished with a 68 (-3) to be at -5 overall and in T5.
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  • 11/9/2013 3:52:56 AM | PGA Media
    Michael Wright recovers from a bogey on the 13th to make eagle on the par-5 15th to also be at -5, T5.
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  • 11/9/2013 3:55:05 AM | PGA Media

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  • 11/10/2013 1:28:38 AM | PGA Media
    Matthew Griffin moving along steadily with two birdies in his first eight holes to move to -4 overall and in T10.
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  • 11/10/2013 1:31:37 AM | PGA Media
    Marc Leishman birdies the 1st and Jack Wilson birdies the 2nd, both move to -6 and T4. Jack Wilson yesterday said he would love to chase down the US Masters Champion to claim the #AusPGA. Check out more of what he said here: http://championship.pga.org.au/jack-not-intiminated-by-scott/.
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  • Marc Leishman, the man who shot 62 to win his PGA Tour title, opens with birdie at #AusPGA . can he put some pressure on Scotty? He's 4 back
  • 11/10/2013 1:36:48 AM | PGA Media
    Jason Scrivener hoping for a great finish. Has three birdies on the front nine and is bogey free with four holes to play. He sits on -3, T13. Could he get to -7?
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  • 11/10/2013 1:39:42 AM | PGA Media
    Five way tie for 3rd. Gareth Paddison has birdied the 3rd hole to move up to -6 and join Marc Leishman, Jack Wilson, Michael Wright & David McKenzie.
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  • 11/10/2013 1:40:10 AM | PGA Media

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  • 11/10/2013 1:43:29 AM | PGA Media
    Fowler finds the green with his seconds shot on the 1st after he had planted one in the right fairway bunker with his drive.

    Scott also finds the green but has a much longer putt to come. Scott had been a bit lucky with his drive after it bounced out of the fairway bunker and back into the centre of the fairway.

    If your following on the live.pga.org.au page, post your comments in the comments box at the top. Polls are coming up shortly.
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  • 11/10/2013 1:51:56 AM | PGA Media
    Fowler gets one back on Scott with a birdie on the 1st while Scott two putts for par. Two shots the difference now. #SundayShootout
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  • 11/10/2013 1:53:57 AM | PGA Media
    Orange is Rickie's Sunday colour, if you were dressed head to toe in one colour what would yours be?

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  • 11/10/2013 1:56:12 AM | skip
    Great to see "Captain JacK" doing so well, was king of the kids at Tocumwal Trainee event early in the year
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  • 11/10/2013 1:56:20 AM | Ross Gilchrist
    Who do you guys will win the four majors this year?
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  • 11/10/2013 2:04:35 AM | Rosco
    British Open - Scott
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  • 11/10/2013 2:05:52 AM | Rosco
    US Open - Woods, PGA - Spieth, British Open - Scott, Masters - Meikelson
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  • 11/10/2013 2:06:28 AM | PGA Media

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  • 11/10/2013 2:07:37 AM | PGA Media
    Jack Wilson the early mover of the lead groups. He is now -2 for the round through four holes and is at -7 and three behind the lead.
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  • There are two types of fans at the #AusPGA today, those watching Scott and Fowler and those getting in position to watch Scott and Fowler.
  • @RACVRoyalPines you're looking spectacular during last round #AUSPGA - spectators walking fairways too #greatforgolf
  • 11/10/2013 7:12:33 AM | PGA Media
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